Magit Forge on macOS

2020-08-01 − 🏷 emacs 🏷 github

I’ve tried many editor git integrations over the years, in Vim, VS Code, IntelliJ, Sublime, as well as various git guis. However I’ve never found something nearly as powerful and efficient day to day as working on the command line.

While I will probably never give up the command line, with Emacs’ Magit I’ve finally found a valuable companion which feels as powerful and efficient as the cli interface. The magit status window is a super powerful base point for most git operations. And with Magit Forge you can make it even more powerful.

Now, to use Forge you need a github token. On macOS the best place to store such secrets is the OS Keychain, so I contributed a pull request to doom emacs to make it support the keychain for auth storage. Check out the MacOS doom module for more documentation.