Blog reboot

2020-06-06 − 🏷 meta

Blogging in general seems like it has taken a hit, and this blog is no exception. However, I would like to do my part to keep the Indie-web alive, and the first part of contributing is to actually write things, so I figure I might as well try to reboot this blog.

Lately I’ve gotten way into org mode and doom emacs, so it felt pretty natural to use that as my vehicle for returning to blogging. This blog has been living in Jekyll, but doom emacs integrates with Hugo, and in general it seems a lot nicer. Migrating over to Hugo also gives me an excuse to play with GitHub actions, which has been on my list for ever so long.

Here’s how this looks as I’m writing this post:

Also, since the color scheme of my life is Nord, this blog is now also Nord themed. I took the Hugo base16 theme and applied nord colors instead. to export to the blog from doom, it’s a simple local-leader e H H. To setup GH Actions posting, I followed this recipe.


I’ll try to post something every day from now on, be it a simple link or note, and I’m using org mode to help me, so stay tuned for more posts here soon! Be warned, for the near future the posts might be emacs heavy, as it’s one of my main focus areas at the moment :)