DBIx-Class about to switch to git

2010-06-01 − 🏷 dbix-class 🏷 git 🏷 perl

12:27 <ribasushi> a call to all git-heads

12:28 <ribasushi> recently haarg did a seemingly perfect conversion of dbic from svn to git (a non-trivial feat)

12:28 <ribasushi> I am calling for people who actually know git to randomly poke at the new history and notify me of whatever problems they see

12:28 <ribasushi> http://github.com/haarg/DBIx-Class

12:29 <ribasushi> (also you can ascertain the quality of the conversion, and potentially draft haarg to do a catalyst conversion as well - it took him a couple of freaking hours to do dbic)

12:32 <marcus> awesome

12:32 <marcus> haarg++

12:33 <marcus> it looks freaking good

12:33 <ribasushi> marcus: please spread the word to get more eyeballs on this, if nothing pops up in the next day and a half we'll be  switching dbic over

Consider this me having spread the word to you ;-)