GitHub:FI pricing now public

2009-06-11 − 🏷 development 🏷 git 🏷 github

GitHub created a headache for themselves at the initial launch of their in-house hosting option for companies wanting to use GitHub.

That, coupled with the fact that we wanted companies to sign an NDA before receiving their quote, slowed the entire process down. It also bewildered more than a few people wondering why lawyers needed to be involved just to figure out how much the product cost.

Well, now they are up for everybody to see, but boy, with prices like that, I can see why they would like to keep them secret. $600/user/year. First year up front. For us, having 5 accounts, which is what we get with their 'Small' plan, it would be an upgrade from 144 USD to 7200 USD per year. After the first year we'd have to add 750$ a year if we want standard support. I doubt this is a very viable plan for most development shops. Specially considering Gitorious is open source.