Tactical overview of your varnish instances

2009-05-27 − 🏷 monitoring 🏷 top 🏷 varnish

varnish-top is a handy util for keeping track of our varnish installation (via Denis). From the google-code project page page:

Simply, it is a tool that lets you monitor a few key stats from one or more varnish boxes in real-time, from the command line, in a top-like screen. It's not the most sophisticated tool, but is handy for seeing a real-time view into how your box(es) are doing without needing to set up graphing, open up a browser, etc.

Here's a slightly altered snapshot from iusethis:

varnish-top v0.1        (default port:  8888, color: on, refresh: 3 seconds)

INSTANCE                USAGE   HIT %   TIME    OBJs    EXPIR/s NUKED/s REQ/s          5.8%    93.2%   1.0ms   8116    2.0     0.0     20

AVERAGE:                5.8%    93.2%   1.0ms   8116    2.0     0.0     20

TOTAL:          0.1GB/  2.0GB           1.0ms   8116    2.0     0.0     20