We Are Iron Man

2009-04-22 − 🏷 blogs 🏷 notdead 🏷 perl

Went to visit the Oslo rubyists today just to get the old worn out 'But we heard perl is dead', as a welcome. So worn out. Somehow they acknowledge that python is a nice language tho. So why has nobody heard from us in a while? Matt has a theory.

But here's my point: Perl people hang out on mailing lists. We bottom post, carefully interleaved, with 76 character lines. We have signatures that meet the McQ standard for acceptable size. We hang out on IRC servers and bitch, moan, interact and collaborate with the aid of an 80x25 xterm with irssi, BitchX or IrcII in it[3]. Sometimes we sit at home with a beer and do one or more of the above. Forums? Meh. Those are the things the PHPtards like because they can't figure out how to work a mailing list, right? Blogs? That's not even a fucking word! I mean, in my day, we posted to usenet using Larry Wall's rn that didn't even have decent fucking threading, and we schlepped the posts about from one bnews spool to another over 1200 baud dial-up links, and we liked it!

Obviously, those pesky kids never read our mailing lists ;) Luckily, Matt also has a plan. Join up to the Enlightened Perl: Blogging Iron Man competition now and show what you are made of! We can do it, yes we can :) And if we are really good, we'll get to see Matt talk about why he loves bunnies with his hair dyed baby pink! Even if you're not gonna blog, it's worth reading for the sheer awesomeness of his rant :)