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→ Are WAFs worth it?

Interesting article which discourages the use of web application firewalls. I feel they have some pretty solid arguments.

→ Changesets now!

We have indeed worked around some or these problems, by automatically dismissing stale reviews, mostly having single commit PRs and so Ok, but I strongly agree this model would just be better.

First Experiences With Homely Alarm

For the last few years, we’ve had managed alarm service from Sector Alarm. It’s mostly been OK, but the price has been increasing every year, and they never upgrade our components, so when I learned about the offering from Homely, I was intrigued. Basically you own your own components, and pay a monthly fee for monitoring. The components are mostly Zigbee-based, and there’s a home assistant integration to get the status into my home assistant setup, so I decided to give it a go. Read More...

Lazy days

Lazy daya

→ Making your own binary format

I learned a lot from this article detailing how to make your own .com executable format for Linux. Also loved this little nugget: All these others are just sitting around, neglected. We should start using them more. I mean, why not? Heck, put emojis in your filenames. I’m not your dad. Alan, if you’re reading this: I forbid you to put emojis in your filenames

→ Nixos for the impatient

Nice pragmatic intro to my favorite Linux distribution.

→ Parsing QR codes by hand

Excellent deep dive on how QR codes work. Kinda tempted to get a QR code tattoo. Question is, whay should it say. 🙈

Magic eraser is kinda crazy

Magic eraser is kinda crazy

Fixing Annoying Flashing With YouTube When Using an AppleTV With LG OLED TV

So for the longest time I’ve been annoyed with black flashing whenever I’m watching YouTube videos or shorts on my AppleTV. I assumed this was related to the black screen between videos, but it turned out this assumption is wrong! I had set the default output to 4K Dolby Vision, and to adjust to content, but that’s sub-optimal. There is no need to run all your menus and such in Dolby Vision. Read More...


Introducing Promexplorer: A Tool for Prometheus Metrics Navigation As software developers, we’re constantly inundated with an immense quantity of data and metrics. The influx of information can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly when you need to sift through a multitude of metrics and labels. That’s precisely why I developed Promexplorer — a tool designed to simplify your interaction with Prometheus exporter feeds. Simplifying Prometheus Metrics Prometheus is a staple in the open-source community, recognized for its robust metrics collection and alerting system. Read More...