Manage Hugo With Devenv

2023-05-18 − 🏷 post 🏷 meta 🏷 devenv

Devenv is a nice tool for maintaining your dev environments, spinning up servers, adding pre-commit-commit hooks and so on. I’ve been using a bit for maintaining my nix-config, as well as some work projects, so while reviving my blog from it’s slumber, I figured I could use it to improve my setup a bit.

Devenv uses direnv to install required packages when you enter the project, so we can as least use it to install Hugo. Also, a spell checking dictionary could be handy?

  packages = with pkgs; [

I normally use en_DK as my locale, so in order to get the spellchecking to work we can also override the locale:

  env.LANG = "en_US.UTF-8";

And the last piece is hooking up pre-commit hooks for markdown linting and spell checking

  pre-commit.hooks = {
    actionlint.enable = true;
    hunspell.enable = true;
    markdownlint.enable = true;

Note that I’m also running these checks in GitHub Actions with devenv ci, because why not? :)

Devenv also has a standard way of running servers:

  processes = {
    hugo.exec = "hugo serve";

In Hugo’s case it’s not a big deal, but it’s nice to have a standard way, specially if you want to add some extra flags or whatever.